Sugar Processing Equipment & Sugar Beet Plant

Sugar Beet Processing Equipment

20 TCD – 100 TCD Capacity

Over 20 installations of complete sugar plants including major project expansions, 100 cane crushing mills and machinery across the globe.

  • Beet white sugar plant
  • Beet brown sugar plant
  • Beet raw brown sugar plant
  • Non-Chemical organic beet white sugar plant
  • Cost Effective solutions
    • Compact Plant layouts reduce cost of civil works while allowing provision for future expansion
    • Rugged equipment designs ensure reduced downtime
    • Plant optimization, balancing and modernization by modular addition of equipment
    • Co-generation of power for existing and new sugar plants, to improve viability
    • Optimized equipment and piping designs to reduce energy consumption
  • Number of Process Technology options
  • Project Management Capability
    • Experienced Project Managers, Engineers, Construction and Commissioning personnel work together for efficient Project Management and on time delivery
    • M.S. Project based planning, scheduling and monitoring
    • Sequential supplies ensure organized construction at site
  • 14-16% juice extraction ratio
  • On site and class room training of clients operating & maintenance staff and workmen
  • Major on-going commissioned projects
  • 90% sugar recovery filter system