Sugarcane Brown Sugar Processing Line

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We are one of the most promising manufacturers, exporters and suppliers of Sugarcane Jaggery & Brown Sugar Plants. Manufactured using best quality raw material, these machines are widely popular in the market for their high quality standards. These plants are the first preference of various industries worldwide

Brown sugar can be produced from sugarcane . The process of extraction from each of the basic raw materials differs substantially and more so, a suitable process of clarification to suit the quality of raw material . only juice clarification use the little lime without other chemicals. The BOILING is specially designed for getting good quality .we  has acquired the know how to cater to all the processes and has matched process and capacity for many factories which have been planned, designed and erected by it.

Process :

* First the sugarcane is crushed into sugarcane crusher to get sugarcane juice.
* Then sugarcane juice is boiled in a boiling pan by the open boiling pan.
* For heat economy, efficient furnace is constructed in the ground.
* 3 to 4 boiling pans are arranged in line and flue gases pass under all the four boiling pans one after another and then escape through chimney.
* During the boiling, all impurities come on the surface which are removed by scumming.
* While boiling, the sugarcane juice gets concentrated and after evaporating almost all the water, pasty crystalline yellow substance is left in the boiling pan which becomes solid after cooling. This is JAGGERY.

when Crystallization and Drying. it will becomem to Dark Brown sugar and Red Brown sugar or Golden Yellow granular Brown sugar

Capacity 10-1000TCD

Machine list

Cane Tanderm Crusher  3roller & 5 roller

Juice Clarifier

Juice Heater

Juice Mixing Drum

Lime Preparation Tank

Lime Slaker

Juice Screen Filter

Juice Boiling Pan

Juice Vacuum Evaporation Pan Two Effect and Multi Effect Evaporator

Sugar Certifugal Machine

Sugar Crystallizer

Sugar Dryer

Hot Steam

Sugar Packing Machine

Features :

·         Precision Design

·         Unmatched Quality

·         Less Maintenance

·         Durability

Product Description :

·         Sugar Centrifugal Machine

·         Evaporation Systems

·         Crystallization Equipment

·         Jaggery Powder Plant